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Time Travel For Mental Health – Feel Younger, Be Younger

Participating in activities that trigger ‘feel good’ hormones, can have a cleansing, healthful effect on your mental health. Try it. What: You don’t have time? Make time. You’ll be glad you did. In fact, if you do this on a regular basis, the rest of your life will be happier and more successful. Read more

Turkey – Medical Tourism – The New Guy on the Block

Medical tourism in Turkey has grown by leaps and bounds in recent years, competing with other, more well-known medical tourism destinations at the close of the first decade of the new century. Global healthcare travel continues to reach all time highs, with the medical tourism industry expected to exceed one billion dollars within the next two years, according to the Turkish American Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Read more

Looking For a New Revenue Source? Consider Advertising Billboards

If you travel at all, you’ve no doubt seen the massive roadside billboards that seem to grace every well traveled road in this country. In fact, there are probably advertising billboards in places you’d least expect them, such as on a deserted stretch of country road. But have you stopped to consider, beyond them being an eyesore in some cases, just how much they may help increase sales to a particular business. Read more

Tax Time Tips – I Don’t Need More Deductions, Just More Income!

These are some tips I have observed after seeing friends and myself anguish in the last minute on tax filing preparation. That’s right folks. I have more than enough deductions from my rentals, real estate operations, meals, travel, ActiveRain subscriptions (!) and other business related expenses. Read more

Videoconferencing Saves Travel, Time and Money

Videoconferencing is a technology where two parties can connect with each other through television screens. Each visits a location with specialized equipment and can see and hear the other with little disruption in conversation and vision. This way of meeting is frequently used in legal depositions, but is also seen with interviews of sports figures, political bigwigs and employment candidates. Read more

Beat the Rail Strike – Organise Your Virtual Office and Get Your Employees Working From Home

How is your company going to manage when it is hit by travel chaos next month? Businesses all over Britain are bracing themselves for the national Rail Strike, due to start on April 6th. Read more

Peru Luxury Travel – Cruise on Lake Titicaca During a Peru Luxury Vacation

Plan a luxury Peru vacation to Cusco Puerto Maldonado, Cusco, Machu Picchu and Puno, with the maximum in style and comfort in Peru vacations. Explore the different luxury catamaran cruises on Lake Titicaca. Read more

8 Things to Consider Before You Buy a Digital Luggage Scale

If you travel more than once a year by plane… Yes you should buy this travel gadget. It will save you hassle, stress and money while you travel. Read more

How to Get an Accurate Psychic Reading From the Comfort of Your Own Home (This Really Works)

Do you need to travel a long distance to get an accurate psychic reading? Can you find a trustworthy psychic on the phone or simply by searching online? What is the BEST way to get an accurate and affordable psychic reading that you WON’T immediately regret. Read more

Explore the Best of Kerala Tour

Kerala tours are to explore the celestial beauty of backwaters, indulge in the exotic flavours of spices, a colourful performing art scene, rejuvenate with the holistic measures of Ayurveda and to discover angelic beauty of hill stations. Tours to Kerala offer a platter full of enchanting experiences and thus a visitor must first make a pick from the horde of travel options according to one’s preference and personal interest. Read more

How to Easily Replace a Lost Passport

When a passport is lost, the passport holder’s first thought is where it was last seen. The desk and suitcases are quickly searched but nothing can be found. If travel is planned in the near future, time becomes of the essence and this adds to the traveler’s stress. If the lost passport is not located, it must be replaced quickly while in the midst of finalizing the travel plans. Read more

All Inclusive Resort Packages

All Inclusive Resort Packages are a convenient way to travel. They allow you to get the most for your money in beautiful surroundings. Read more

Getting a Passport For Minors is Not As Difficult As it May Seem

Family vacations, particularly those that require travel out of the country all require one thing, passports. This includes Mom, Dad and all the children, whatever age they may be. Mom and Dad normally already have theirs but the children are usually another story completely. It is not that difficult to get a passport for minors under the age of 16 and will simply take a bit of time and some preparation. Read more

Batching to Minimize Multitasking

Tim Ferriss’ 4 Hour Work Week is a wildly successful book teaching "lifestyle design" built around a low-maintenance sole proprietorship that allows the owner to travel the world. It’s an inspirational book if a bit unrealistic. Buried within, though, are some fantastic ideas. Read more

The Requisites of Learning to Drive Safely

More and more people would want to travel on their own. Managing the road with your own vehicle is quite tough especially if you are not aware of what to do in order to be safe and protected. They say that safe driving is not all about a good car and a valid license. Safe driving is actually the fusion of common sense and the ability to make good judgment on what is happening on the road. Read more

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