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#ummlegacy | SENEGAL, MALI , S. AFRICA ,GHANA » A Voice from Senegal: Youssou N

“The Egypt album was my homage to Umm’s legacy, as well as my way of celebrating the Sufi guides of Senegal,” he tells me. The album was completed in 2001. But then, a few months before it was to be released, the United States was Read more

Notes From the Couch – Saved by the Dog

I returned home recently to find an astonishing display of shredded paper scattered across my living room floor. Torn up remains of People Magazine, the prior week’s New York Times travel section and several other glossy print mediums that I intended to peruse at some future point resembled a festive and colorful array of confetti. Read more

An Appropriate Baby Travel Cot of Good Quality

If you are a new parent it doesn’t commit you to stay always at home with your little one. If you need or want to travel for some reason or other you can do it with your little traveller. Let us suppose that you don’t want to lose any milestone in your child’s development and want the baby to be always by your side. Read more

Yoga and Complementary Treatments

Yoga was developed over two thousand years ago as a means of aiding meditation and to enable spiritual energy to travel through the body. At its heart lies the notion of gaining control of the body, mind and spirit by gentle, effective means. This ancient discipline brings the body’s various systems into harmony while increasing suppleness and improving posture. The word yoga is Sanskrit for union and has two distinct but related aspects: breathing and postures. Read more

Internet Marketing For Travel Professionals – A Complete Guide

The impact of the internet on human life is visible at every turn. More people turn to the internet each day seeking answers to a host of questions related to every known subject in the book. Read more

Travel Agent and Internet Marketing – Impact, Benefits, and Planning

The internet is a part of a wide majority of lives today and it is something irrevocable and unstoppable. Even traditional brick and mortar businesses with a physical presence in the city or town have come to realize the value of an online presence and the importance of internet marketing. Read more

Internet Marketing For Travel Agents – Beneficial Aspects

Technology is the one constant change in our lives, it continues to evolve and advance like nothing else on earth. With the internet becoming so prominent in our personal and business lives we need to update and keep pace with change. Read more

SaleHoo – How Closeout Sales and Surplus Items Boost Your Traveling Bags Dropshipping

Bags such as travel backpacks, luggage, garment bags, duffels, carry-ons and other travel related storage essentials is items which may be interesting to sell by an online businessman. Leading department stores sell a particular and assorted array of travel products. Read more

Tips to Buying Travel Insurance

Are you planning to fly to a foreign land in your upcoming holidays? If your answer is yes then you should consider the following tips prior to taking travel insurance. Read more

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