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#amemoryyoucantforget | Costa Rica Beach Vacation Resort – Sunrise Tamarindo | key largo

#amemoryyoucantforget Getting my pussy ate on the beach with my toes in the sand #twitterafterdark. from: cocomokems: at: Sat, 31 Jul 2010 07:51:34 +0000. Hotels and resorts accommodation Maenam Beach Koh Samui Thailand Read more

Encounters With the Law Don’t Take a Holiday

Like most people, you work hard, and want to enjoy your summer vacation. Unfortunately, cutting loose and living it up does not come without risks. While many of us worry most about the airline losing our luggage, or the trusty van breaking down in the middle of nowhere, few consider an all too common cause of a bad vacation. Read more

How to Get the Best Breakdown Cover

If you have a vehicle that you use for travel, pleasure, or simply commuting back and forth to work, you are at risk of the car breaking down. If the vehicle were to breakdown, what would you do? You should always have an emergency plan, so that in the event you broke down, you know exactly how you would cover the situation. Read more

Business Destinations in Europe

There are many cities around Europe with high business importance: London, Paris, Milan, Frankfurt, Berlin, Brussels, Geneva, to name a few. This guide runs through Paris, Brussels and Milan, so that you can travel to these destinations on your own private jet in style and comfort. Read more

Nine Reasons to Use Personalized Mugs to Promote Your Business

The humble coffee mug has been around for ages but in its guise as a promotional tool has assumed a significant role as an advertizing giveaway. The article outlines in some detail just where a promotional mug scores heavily whether it is earthenware, fine bone china, plastic or a stainless steel travel mug. Read more

Convert Your TIFF, JPEG & – PDF Files Online 24×7 and Then Edit

Easier, quicker and perhaps cheaper than buying license of an expensive OCR Software for every workstation PC/Laptop in the organisation & then confronting ‘errors’ of OCR outputs. While online means 24×7 availability for every one to use at office or when you reach home or anywhere in travel. Costing only few cents a page, a realtime editing solution on internet is an incredible gift of modern day technology. Read on… Read more

The Benefits of Buying a Vacation Property

Renting hotel rooms whenever you travel can get expensive. Solve the problem by investing in a vacation property. Read more

There Are Many Reasons Why Temporary Health Insurance is Purchased

There are multiple reasons of why temporary health insurance is needed. Some people will purchase a temporary policy when they travel, making it more specific than their normal insurance. This is helpful when traveling out of the country. Read more

Can a Family Really Eat Healthy on Vacation?

When my great friend and travel agent, Denise Lorentzen, asked me to write an article about healthy eating on a family vacation, I had mixed feelings, because I know with the current childhood obesity epidemic families aren’t eating healthy at home, so how can you expect them to eat healthy on vacation. Second, I have so many fond childhood memories of special treats on vacation. My family would always stop for ice cream cones and fudge on Main Street in Disneyland and on Father, Daughter fishing trips, I always looked forward to that one chance at an unhealthy breakfast, M&M peanuts. That being said, I am going to tackle this question of healthy eating on a family vacation a little differently than I have seen others address it. Read more

Make Your Retirement Plans a Reality

What plans do you have for your retirement? Pay off the house, travel, golf, gardening, time with family? Whatever your dream may be make it your goal to enjoy life in your retirement. I will give you tips on how. Read more

Road Tripping in an RV Vs Car – Vehicle Backup Camera Systems and More

If you find yourself with the wanderlust, craving travel and waking up in new states with different shades of sunshine, there’s only one remedy. You must hit the road. Renting an RV has major benefits, but you may think that a car is right for you. Read more

Guided Fishing – Making the Most of Your Vacation

Alaska is one of the finest places to go for fishing. If you are looking for a great experience of fishing then this is the place to that you should consider in one of your future trips. Many people travel to Alaska to experience this great wonder. Read more

Things to Remember While Buying Infant Gear

When you have a baby, you should quickly make arrangements for proper infant gear. This is important because these accessories will enable you to travel with your baby. Read more

Travel the Country While Staying Connected to Home and Family

When a person leaves to go on a trip around the country they often want to be able to easily stay connected with their friends and family. When you are traveling it is important to be able to share your experiences, your photos and more with your loved ones – plus, it’s nice to be able to hear a friendly voice every now and then. Read more

#neveragain | Pedagogical Criticality: Never Again

I chose to read this as I reflected on Edwin Smith’s comment the other night that Nelson Mandela may have hurt South Africa by saying the words “never again.” Why? Because it almost seems as if blacks need to create a similarly unjust Read more

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