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An Independent Review of World Ventures

Over the past decade or so there have been many “work from home” travel businesses. Some were very successful, others were not so fortunate. Many of us remember YTB, one of the more successful companies who came under scrutiny after a number of lawsuits were filed in different states alleging fraudulent practices. Read more

Staying Away With Toddlers Over Christmas – How to Make It Easy!

Christmas is fast approaching, and if like me, you are facing the trials of staying with relatives or friends over the festive season with a newborn in tow, you might be dreading settling your toddler to sleep in an uncomfortable, creaking net-and-plastic travel cot shoe-horned into the corner of the guest room. Those lovely baby-smart designers from Bloom baby have come up with the perfect solution. The Bloom Alma is a crib sized cot, very portable with its castors making it possible to wheel your sleeping baby between rooms, and it is so easy to fold up for storage… Read more

What to Look for When Shopping for the Right Baby Stroller

A single stroller cannot meet all your requirements nor it works great in every situation. So you need to refine out your requirements and select your baby stroller out of the priority of your requirements. Perhaps as a parent you may find a light weight stroller whereas a combination of travel and jogging stroller is the best for all purposes. Read more

Do You Need Travel Insurance? Think Before You Act

Traveling out of the country is an exciting and rewarding experience. Of course, if you do not plan your trip correctly you could end up broke and in a bad situation. Travel insurance is a special insurance used by international travelers to protect them in the event that they cannot make a flight, stay at their hotel, or otherwise follow through with their trip. Read more

Can I Get a US Tourist Visa for My Foreign Girlfriend Or Boyfriend?

This article is meant to cast light on the American tourist visa application process for the girlfriend or boyfriend of a United States Citizen. Many American Citizens are not cognizant of the fact that American Consuls have wide latitude in matters pertaining to the adjudication of US non-immigrant visa applications submitted throughout the world at American Missions abroad. Bearing that in mind, each year many American Citizens, both male and female, travel to countries outside of the USA and meet someone truly special. Read more

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