Hello there! My name is VivBounty. Safari To Success is a site born of my belief that life is a journey. Success comes along the way one lesson at a time.

After having lived on four continents I am now able to focus on being an Inspirational Blogger and Internet Marketer with Lead Generating Tools (LGT) as my marketing dashboard. LGT has live Free ongoing support, allowing me to write about my passion, brand myself online, keep up with new trends on the ever-changing Internet, and most importantly, earn a living from home, anywhere in the world.

My experience with people from all around the world has enhanced my ability to understand and enjoy cultural and economic diversity. My list of professions spanning 31 years includes Banking, leisure and corporate Travel, Reiki practitioner and currently Inspirational Writer and Internet marketer.

The bottom line is that I love to work with people, and facilitate in them a “can-do” attitude, whether it is assisting with a task, sharing a meditation to inspire self-improvement and/or self-healing or just lending an empathic ear. I also love to write about my pets and the wonderful experience of living in the country and thus was born  my VivBounty Wonderfully Natural Country Living blog.

I write and operate five blogs so far, my new favourite is the petblog,, articles of interest; mostly inspirational and affiliate marketing, with a flow towards manifestation of abundance in all forms, hence my brand name, VivBounty’s Safari To Success.

Follow me as I share milestones of my joyful journey of abundance in all it forms. Along the way I hope to inspire you on your own safari to success, realizing your dreams, just as I am realizing mine.

Prosperous Blessings,

VivBounty’s Safari To Success
Inspirational blogger
Internet marketer