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10 Breathtaking Beaches You Need To See Right Now

Hello there,
VivBounty here to share with you, these amazing beaches from Trip Advisor.
Anse Lazio
Praslin Island, Seychelles  | 

My Favourite Place To Stay In New Brunswick, Canada

Hi There. VivBounty here to share with you the lovely spot we found near the border between Quebec and New Brunswick in Canada. The Auberge Les Jardins Inn is nestled on a picturesque shared woodland of seven acres in Saint-Jacques New Brunswick just outside of Edmunston near the botanical gardens, hence its name.

We Found The Lovely Auberge Les Jardins Inn


The Auberge Les Jardins Inn is nestled on a picturesque shared woodland of seven acres in Saint-Jacques New Brunswick just outside of Edmunston near the botanical gardens, hence its name.

We have travelled this road between our little village to Ontario quite a bit since returning to Canada from Spain almost 4 years ago. The first two trips were happy occasions but sadly the last was a very sad one. It is difficult making a journey of a thousand miles for a funeral, but infinitely more so when you drive, giving you that much more time in anticipation and sad reflection than a quick flight.

On our first outbound journey we made two overnight stops, eating fast food during our rest stops but dined in family restaurants in the evenings. To our good fortune, on the return of this first trip, the usual hotels were full so the concierge kindly directed us to the beautiful little town of Saint-Jacques, New Brunswick a little off the beaten track, to the Auberge Les Jardins Inn.

Thankfully we discovered Auberge Les Jardins Inn on the return of our first happy journey back to Ontario to visit the family after settling back in Canada. Driving a journey that long and this being my husband’s first time in Canada, we decided to take our time and see the sights. He’s a terrible passenger so it’s best to let him drive and I navigate (we prefer good old fashioned atlases to the modern GPS).

As with the trip down to Gibraltar to get married, we glanced at the map, followed the general direction we wanted to go and drove only in the daylight. Once dusk was imminent, we began looking for hotel signs and stopping in to the ones we fancied to see if they accept pets as Pedro is always with us.

Pedro and I even walked the trail into town and met other dog walkers, cyclists and pedestrians, who in true Maritime tradition were warm, friendly and chatty always giving him compliments and a friendly scratch around his collar. When my mum called us to check in, we sounded so happy, she asked us if we were enjoy our second honeymoon. I had to agree it felt a bit like that after all the sadness of the trip, a little interlude amidst the botanical gardens, walking trail, beautiful warm hospitality of the wonderful Ms. Landry and Mr. Martin and their staff at the Auberge Les Jardins Inn was soothing to our souls.

Until next time, enjoy your travels!


Award Winning Auberge in New Brunswick, Canada

Hello There, VivBounty here with the loveliest Auberge Inn for a getaway. It is situated in the beautiful province of New Brunswick just outside Edmunston near the botanical gardens in Saint-Jacques.

My cousin was recently supporting me through a terrible loss of a loved one and reminded me to take time to have a nice celebration of my birthday which had been 2 days after the funeral.  He asked that I tell him of my plans and he would send up a special prayer for me on that day and time so that my celebration would be blessed.

I immediately shared with him the place my husband and I go for lovely quiet getaways with our constant companion, Pedro the dog. He asked me to send pictures as my description made it a place he would like to visit. I went one further step than that and wrote a hub page about the wonderfully charming Auberge Les Jardins Inn. Read all about it here: My Favourite Place To Stay In New Brunswick, Canada

More travel stories coming soon.

Happy Safari To Success,


I Intended To Have A Wonderful Bus Ride

My Intention Was Simple

Hello There VivBounty here to share with you the wonderful bus ride I intended to have and ultimately manifested this past August going home for a week with my family in celebration of my sister’s graduation. My intention was simple. I would thoroughly enjoy this bus ride. Read on here to see how the universe conspired to manifest my wonderful bus ride…

Until next time, know that thoughts are things and what you put out there comes right back to you. Stay tuned for part 2 of my wonderful bus ride.

Prosperous Blessings,
Fantastic Travel

An Independent Review of World Ventures

Over the past decade or so there have been many “work from home” travel businesses. Some were very successful, others were not so fortunate. Many of us remember YTB, one of the more successful companies who came under scrutiny after a number of lawsuits were filed in different states alleging fraudulent practices. Read more

Staying Away With Toddlers Over Christmas – How to Make It Easy!

Christmas is fast approaching, and if like me, you are facing the trials of staying with relatives or friends over the festive season with a newborn in tow, you might be dreading settling your toddler to sleep in an uncomfortable, creaking net-and-plastic travel cot shoe-horned into the corner of the guest room. Those lovely baby-smart designers from Bloom baby have come up with the perfect solution. The Bloom Alma is a crib sized cot, very portable with its castors making it possible to wheel your sleeping baby between rooms, and it is so easy to fold up for storage… Read more

What to Look for When Shopping for the Right Baby Stroller

A single stroller cannot meet all your requirements nor it works great in every situation. So you need to refine out your requirements and select your baby stroller out of the priority of your requirements. Perhaps as a parent you may find a light weight stroller whereas a combination of travel and jogging stroller is the best for all purposes. Read more

Do You Need Travel Insurance? Think Before You Act

Traveling out of the country is an exciting and rewarding experience. Of course, if you do not plan your trip correctly you could end up broke and in a bad situation. Travel insurance is a special insurance used by international travelers to protect them in the event that they cannot make a flight, stay at their hotel, or otherwise follow through with their trip. Read more

Can I Get a US Tourist Visa for My Foreign Girlfriend Or Boyfriend?

This article is meant to cast light on the American tourist visa application process for the girlfriend or boyfriend of a United States Citizen. Many American Citizens are not cognizant of the fact that American Consuls have wide latitude in matters pertaining to the adjudication of US non-immigrant visa applications submitted throughout the world at American Missions abroad. Bearing that in mind, each year many American Citizens, both male and female, travel to countries outside of the USA and meet someone truly special. Read more

Are US Hospitals Embracing Medical Tourism?

Even hospitals get burned by the high cost of medical care when they have to pay for one of their employees to go to another hospital for a treatment that is not offered by them. And now they are looking at domestic medical travel as a real option for helping them lower the cost of their health coverage! Read more

Yakima Car Top Carriers Are the Best for Your Vehicle

Traveling across the country can now be more fun if you have the right kind of car top carrier that can carry your extra luggage safely to the destination. This is because when we are out with the family on camping, water sports, picnics or other adventure trips, apart from the regular luggage, we require to carry tents, sports equipments etc. The space available inside the car might not be enough to easily accommodate members as well as the luggage. Read more

Basic Flat Roof Leak Repair in Simple Terms

But what about if your roof springs a leak, and you either don’t have the money to hire a professional, or are simply unwilling to pay their high fee? So step one, is to find the leak, and you may be surprised by how far water can travel once it finds its way through a crack in the roof. Read more

Common Misunderstandings About IVF Abroad

Many couples are looking for better options for in vitro fertilization treatment, but are hesitant to try IVF abroad, usually do to common misunderstandings about the treatment. Understanding the truth about these IVF travel myths can help you as you research your options for fertility treatment. Read more

Custom Logo Duffel Bags For The Active Marketer In You

If you like to break away from stress, take your vacation leave. Savor every minute as you walk along the pristine beaches of the tropic islands of Hawaii. Or maybe you can enjoy bicycling in some the best bicycling travel destinations near your vicinity. Or you can try trekking and mountain climbing in Yosemite National Park in California and go the extreme. Read more

Useful Customizable Travel Bags Distribution Tips

Custom Logo travel bags are one of the most famous corporate gifts. Being such, some may think that giving custom travel totes to shoppers are such a cliche and resultantly it can’t possibly make a company stand out among competitors. Little do these people realize that sometimes perfect marketing is not about standing out, but being practical and brilliant about your strategy, especially in promotional items. In this field, while being unique and dashing is imperative, usage still gets the center stage. This is on the account that the way you can be exposed through custom imprinted products is only by customer usage. Further, the main reason why shoppers will prefer to use your products and services are usually practical in nature-whether they can use the giveaways or not. But of course, despite of this fact, we are necessitated to be able to combine these two imperative factors and come up with a unique and useful promotional item idea. Here are some perfect custom imprinted travel bags distribution tips that can help you. Read more

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