[VivBounty’s Safari To Success] + Choosing the Perfect Web Hosting for Your Affiliate Sites

Hello There, VivBounty here with information about choosing
the perfect Web hosting for your affiliate sites.

Yes, yes, the gazillions of websites, not to say
affiliate marketing sites out there make it
quite difficult to end up on your page right
away, but you don’t have to fret.

With the power of search engines, pretty much
everything is possible nowadays. If concepts
such as “web hosting” and “creating your own
affiliate marketing site” are relatively alien
to you (as it is for quite a lot of people),
then this is for you.

Live Training plus cpanel web hosting is
included with LGT Paid memberships.

Join the team today and begin your journey to
success as an affiliate marketer.


You may be wondering..Why would I need hosting
anyway? Affiliate marketing is a profession,
and in order to be competent enough for your
prospects, you need to appear as professional
as possible. You need your own domains to
promote your products professionaly. If you
have multiple affiliate marketing products,
you need as many affiliate marketing sites.

In order for these affiliate marketing sites
to work as they should, you need all the help
you can get (especially if you know little
about technical web stuff).

So how do you determine the proper web hosting?


Web hosting, comes in all shapes and sizes.
They all vary in their services, like bandwidth,
disk space, site templates, features like
(cPanel, spam checkers, search engine
optimization, and website analysis tools,
among others), customer and technical support,
and price. Some web hosting options even come
with a free domain. It can get pretty
confusing, considering just how complex the
entire web hosting thing could get.

Here are some good steps to follow to
determine the right web hosting solution for

1. Try and find a company that’s been around
awhile and that understands Affiliate Marketers
needs. Some hosting company’s have a low
tolerance for email marketing of any kind.
If e-mail marketing is going to be part of
your affiliate marketing program then this
is a must.

2. Take note of your Affiliate needs and try
and find a reputable company that will meet
as many of these needs as possible. Don’t
fall for Cheap Hosting especially if that’s
all they offer. You may need ecommerce,
responders, and other resources that will
help you become a successful Affiliate Marketer.

3. Do your research on support and server
dependability. Try and find a company that
offers live support, workshops, and video
tutorials that will help you get up and
running as fast as possible. Call and see if
you can actually talk to a live person.

LGT Affiliate Training Team has more values
for you!

LGT is a Very Good Affiliate Base of Operations.

Compare our Affiliate Programs here:


Blog, log into your member area and
check out our LGT package for your hosting
needs. Upgrade if needed. LGT Offers you the
choice to get more as your needs grow. Don’t
think you’re stuck in one level with us.
You can upgrade anytime. The choice is yours.

In our next email we will explain,

“Understanding the Key Elements to Building
a Solid List”.

Prosperous Blessings,

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