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Affiliate Marketing Leads

Once you go into affiliate marketing, you will
find that one of the key concerns you will
have to focus on is building your leads.
Leads often come in the form of e-mail
addresses, behind which, are real people
with very real potential to become your
customers, subscribers or members.

Having a solid list of leads is assurance
that you will be capable of reaching a ready
market and generating income from there.

The importance of affiliate marketing leads…..

Companies with a product or service to sell
spend billions of dollars on advertising
alone. That’s right – billions. The purpose
of spending such a huge amount of cash is
mainly to build buzz about a product, expand
the market and ultimately, bring in better sales.

In affiliate marketing, the cost of advertising
is comparatively small and is paid for by the
affiliate company. So as an affiliate, that is
no longer your concern
. Your only job is to
look for a market to promote to that will
respond to you positively so you can earn an
income in return.

Again, LGT will teach you all this and much,
much more. Log in, upgrade, get building and
get started on your way to success.

Our Team is waiting for you… TODAY!


Unlike in a real world business, this market
will come in the form of affiliate marketing
leads. The quality of these leads, along with
the type and number of positive responses
they offer will determine whether or not
you’ll succeed in affiliate marketing. If you
hear someone say, ‘the money is in the list’,
he or she is actually referring to the list
of leads. Without this, you cannot hope to
sell, much less earn.

Building your affiliate marketing leads…

It’s not rocket science, but affiliate
marketing can be tricky nevertheless. It’s
a proven business model and many affiliates
have had considerable success in their
chosen programs. However, like all businesses,
there are also certain factors upon which your
success in building your list of affiliate
marketing leads rest.

Consider these factors carefully:

Your reputation:

As a new affiliate marketer, you will find
that it will take a while before you can
build your affiliate marketing leads. All
new marketers go through this so enjoying
the patronage of a solid number of followers
will not happen overnight. Be patient and
don’t quit. We will help you.

You do have an advantage, you have joined
our team and you can promote our affiliate
program, thus building a list fast. Our Team
will help you every step of the way! To
attract a solid list of affiliate marketing
leads, you will have to become a recognized
business entity in the industry. Without a
reputation, potential leads will find it
difficult to trust you or at least do
business with you.

Faced with a choice between buying from a
popular marketer versus an unfamiliar one,
wouldn’t you rather buy from the person
you know than from a total stranger?

LGT will help you build your business
presence as a serious marketer.

The same is true with your affiliate
marketing leads. They will need to
recognize you as a reliable merchant or
affiliate before they agree to buy,
participate or become one of your recruits.

You Need Web traffic:

LGT has many traffic programs you can
participate in for free. Look in your
member area. Another key element that
affects the number of affiliate marketing
leads you can obtain is the amount of
traffic your site receives. A high web
traffic figure is beneficial in two ways
– it allows you to obtain comparatively
larger affiliate accounts and increases
your potential of building a bigger number
of affiliate marketing leads.

As you need tons of traffic to your website,
which you won’t have when you begin, you
might have to either focus on using
strategies to build it first or join a
networking service offering affiliate
programs instead.

The affiliate product:

There are two things that affect how well
you can buildyour affiliate marketing leads.
One is the product’s value and the other is
how well you yourself understand the product.

The choice of an affiliate product is
critical to every affiliate. An affiliate
product that has a proven or at least a
potential for good sales will be far easier
to promote and generate income from. It will
also make it easier for an affiliate to build
leads with, since prospects will be more
willing to respond to it.

A good understanding of what makes the
affiliate product attractive and valuable
enough is also key to attracting more leads.
Being able to explain why and how a product
works on your website or articles, for example,
will help you sell it better, especially
vis-à-vis other products competing for the
same market.

The niche or target market:

One common concern among affiliates is market
saturation – that point in time when a
specific segment of the market becomes
flooded with the same (or at least similar)
products and services. So much so that it
becomes increasingly difficult to sell, much
less to convince prospective buyers to
consider the product or service you’re trying
to promote.

You can avoid this, however, by focusing on
generating affiliate marketing leads from
specifically targeted segments of the market
or niches. Consider selling or promoting
products that appeal to a specific group of
people who have a common yet largely unmet
need. Competition for this market is relatively
low and with the right kind of strategies,
you’ll find that this niche can be especially

Go ahead and do your part and upgrade to be an
LGT member with the tools for success.


In our next email we will explain,

“Why you need to put LGT in your arsenal”.

Properous Blessings,
Viv Bounty
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