[VivBounty’s Safari to Success] + What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Whatever challenge you’re facing the Good News
is that affiliate marketing can be a very viable
path to follow. All You need is the right tools
and training to be successful.

What exactly is affiliate marketing?

Here are a couple of definitions.

1. Affiliate marketing is an Internet-based
marketing practice in which a business rewards
one or more affiliates for each visitor or
customer brought about by the affiliate’s
marketing efforts. For example if you are a
pet person, you may become an affiliate for
pet products as I have:


2. Affiliate Marketing is a technique that lets
those with entrepreneurial spirit explore the
world of passive income through marketing
products for other businesses. You can earn
through commissions. For example HostnPromote
Web Services. See link below:


How to ensure your success with Affiliate
Marketing? The truth is many are failing as
affiliate marketers,
so how can you ensure your success in this field?

To be a successful marketer it’s a good idea to
your-self with like-minded people
where you can share techniques and get advice.

That’s where Your LGT Affiliate Training Team
comes in to play. Our paid members get live,
hands-on training in our daily training workshops
5 days a week withmemberships starting from as
little as $5.95 a month!

Where else on the Internet can you get live,
hands-on training daily for a measely $5.95 per
month? It is definitely worth looking into our
LGT Novice membership if you are serious about
building your own Internet Business. Here is a
link to get you started:


LGT provides you, the affiliate marketer all
the tools and services you need to build a
strong foundation. We Will Guide you, and give
you the information you need to be a success.

Here are some very important tips you should

– Choose your Niche Well. We Help!

One of the most important factors to consider
in doing affiliate marketing is choosing the
best affiliate company or products to market.
This one thing can make or break your earnings.

If you have a certain field that you’re most
interested in the easier it is to go through
the process of deciding what affiliate program
to join. So start making a list of your interests
and see what affiliate programs come up from that
list. As you have seen from my links above,
for me, it’s Pets and Internet Marketing.

Need help finding a Niche Category?


– Create a website that gets followed. We Help!

One of the best ways to make the most $$$ in
affiliate marketing is through the creation of
well-designed websites. Make sure that your site
is easy to navigate and compels targeted visitors
to convert – either to sign up under you as referral
or to purchase the products you are marketing.
A quality landing page that has a call to action
for your targeted visitors with excellent content
that reviews the product, or a video tutorial that
lets visitors learn how to benefit from the product,
with a very conspicuous opt-in form.

– Use the power of freebies

Useful content is what you can use in making the
word fr.e.e mean money to you. When you offer free
content, like say, fr.e.e targeted reports, when
the right people get hold of this report, it can
translate to more referrals or purchases.

– Learn how to get targeted traffic to your site

You can’t benefit from your well-designed website,
no matter how good your content and freebies are
if you don’t have the right visitors.

So how do you drive targeted visitors to your site?

You can do off-page search engine optimization also
known as link building. Whether you use blogging,
social networking, or word of mouth, just get the
attention of the right people. There are different
ways you can successfully make people go to your
site through this means.

One way is by submitting articles to directories
for publishers to pick up and drive people to your
site. You can set up and maintain social network
accounts and let people know about your affiliate
sites, or you can tap into your contacts –
especially the new media savvy ones like popular
bloggers and or community managers to spread the
word about your sites.

If you follow all of the above-mentioned bits of
advice, it will be hard for you to fail as an
affiliate marketer. Want more tools? Look at this
great value:

Go Gold!!


Trust us to be there for you today and every day!
In our next email we will explain “Choosing the
Perfect Web Hosting for Your Affiliate Sites”.

Prosperous Blessings,
Viv Bounty

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